Golf Club Furniture

After you have spent a few hours trying out your expertise in dealing with 18 holes on a golf course, you are entitled to rest and relax on the lawns of your golf club, while you rest your tired limbs and quench your thirst. This requires that your golf club have proper furniture on the lawns that allow you this indulgence. Outdoor furniture is exposed to the sun, and possibly the rain and wind, and has to be sturdy and made of a material that has the capabilities of resisting the weather. Your club committee will do well to look at rattan garden furniture for putting out on the lawn for the use of its members.

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What is Rattan

Rattan is a name given to climbing palms and is also known as manila or malacca and is mostly found in the jungles of South East Asia. It is more liana, which has a flexible wooden stem that has a climbing habit. Most rattans have slender stems that can have a diameter of 2 to 5 centimeters, with long internodes. They are vegetation that is similar to bamboo. Rattans can grow hundreds of meters long. It is easy to harvest and grows much faster than most other wood.

The Making of Rattan Furniture

Rattan because of its pliability and ease of working is extensively used for the making of baskets and furniture. It accepts paints and stain and can be worked in many styles. The skin is often peeled off so that it can be used for rattan weaving. The core of the rattan then remains for use in making rattan furniture. Furniture, so made, is lightweight, flexible, highly durable, and very suitable for outdoor use like in rattan garden furniture.

The Durability of Rattan

Rattan is considered as one of the best materials for making outdoor furniture. It can last at least 10 years, but its durability is dependent on how it is made. Most of the furniture made from rattan is had-woven, though the use is often made of nails to hold the material in place. It is this that leads to it being vulnerable to rust and hence the failure of joints, and which can affect its durability. Furniture made of rattan will last longer if its fixtures are done with rattan material wrapped around frames.

Sunlight and Rattan

Sunlight and its UV rays can affect rattan and affect the waxy material in it. Its manufacturing process can affect its ability to resist UV radiation, and the rattan made through mono extrusion will give a solid weave that has no hollow in the middle. Colour in such a rattan will not fade, and the rattan will be more UV stable.

Maintaining Rattan Furniture

It can be easily cleaned, especially if it has been polished, stained, or painted. You can leave your rattan garden furniture out in the rain, but may not be able to add any cushions or other furnishings. You need to clean it with soapy water and a dry cloth, as this will allow you to remove any spills or stains.